Lending / use of photographs of artworks

Request for lending / use of photographs of artworks from the museum collection:

If you wish to photograph, replicate, or use existing photographs (data) of artworks from the museum collection, please apply using the designated request form. For commercial use you will be charged 5,300 yen per item.
The copyrights of Ishimoto Yasuhiro's works are owned by Kochi Prefecture. If you wish to use images of Ishimoto's works, you will need to apply for permission to use copyrighted material in addition to the aforementioned request form. For more information click here.

Inquiry  /  Request Form

When using images of artworks, please observe the following terms of use.

【Terms of Use】
  1. Items may not be used for purposes other than those specified in the application.
  2. For items that are entrusted to but not in the possession of the museum, please obtain permission from the respective owner. Requests for permission may be made in any format, but must have the owner's stamp of approval regarding their use.
  3. Persons requesting permission to use materials accept liability for any problems that may occur in connection with copyright matters.
  4. Persons requesting permission to use materials will cover all costs involved in photographing artworks or other necessary procedures.
  5. In the case of damage or loss of materials during the period of use, the loss will need to be compensated according to the museum's instructions.
  6. If you wish to use positive films, prints, data or other materials, please specify details under "Usage: Other" in the Application Form.
  7. If you wish to take photographs of artworks, please follow the instructions from the person in charge at the Museum of Art, Kochi.
  8. If you wish to use photographs of works from the museum collection in a publication, TV program, etc., please specify that the respective work belongs to the "collection of the Museum of Art, Kochi."
  9. Please send a few copies of the respective printed publication or data of newly shot photographs to the museum.
  10. The "permission to use or photograph artworks" may not be transferred or sublet to other persons.
  11. Please observe the museum's rules and regulations regarding installation and administration, as well as enforcement regulations thereof.

Lending of works from the museum collection

If you wish to rent works from the museum collection, please contact us directly via the Inquiry Form.